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What do you bring to the table as a host?
That’s relatively difficult to answer because I’m my own biggest critic by far. I don’t think having political science degrees entitles me to speak on political issues with authority any more than anyone else. I don’t have expertise on neoconservatism or partisan politics, only my opinion on those types of matters. So when it comes to what I will bring to the table, I can only hope to bring valuable political discourse that will be educational and entertaining. Most importantly, I want to be a voice for those that are disenfranchised by the American political system. We're all frustrated with America's corrupt campaign finance system, and biased electoral system that excludes alternate political options. 

Would you debate a conservative/religious fundamentalist?

Generally speaking, no. I don't think such an endeavor would be fruitful. The facts are out there, and if someone wants to change their mind, the probability a debate will do that is highly unlikely. I'd rather have conversations with other humanists and political allies in order to discuss minor disagreements and/or how we can help raise awareness about certain types of issues. Debating someone that is completely against secular humanistic values, quite frankly, seems like a waste of time. I would, however, be open to a discussion with a conservative-leaning libertarian, as I think such a conversation could actually be constructive.

What is your ultimate goal for The Humanist Report?

I'd love for it to morph into a multifaceted channel that focuses on more than just the podcast itself. I'd love to include info-graphics and panel discussions, but this will all take time. My goal is not to necessarily be a reporter and I don't really care to earn notoriety. I just want to facilitate discussion and get people to think for themselves and question everything. And yes, that means they should question me as well!

​Do you watch other YouTubers? If so, which ones?

I don't pay for TV service, so YouTube is my main source of entertainment besides Netflix. It's been that way forever. I absolutely follow a ton of YouTubers. For politics I love nearly every channel on TYT Network. For gaming I watch Boogie2988, Angry Joe, the Angry Videogame Nerd, and Jon Tron. When it comes to fitness channels, my favorite is Matty Fusario, but I also watch Scott Herman fitness on occasion. I enjoy comedy channels like H3H3 and Internet Comment Etiquette as well. They're great!

What are your non-political interests?
When I have free time I’m really into video games. I game on both consoles and PC, but rarely have time to play, unfortunately. Aside from that I’m not a very outdoorsy individual or anything like that. I LOVE DOGS a lot. I’m not very creative, but love art. I don’t follow sports at all. I don’t know, I’m kind of a boring individual in all honesty. Some additional things that interest me include EDM music, flying drones, and technology (generally speaking). 

Mike is a 30-year-old self-proclaimed activist and political aficionado. He briefly worked for the Human Rights Campaign to defeat “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and also volunteered for the Wolf-Pac initiative to pass a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics. He obtained both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in political science and is currently a Ph.D student in public policy. He is a political science research assistant in both U.S. and North African politics. His interests encompass a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from U.S. domestic and foreign policy to Middle East and North African geopolitics. 

What is your goal as the host?
My main objective is to get my generation—millennials—interested in politics. The widespread apathetic view towards political issues is incredibly disheartening to me, but young people are understandably averse to politics because it requires them to pay persistent attention to a variety of complex issues that take time to understand. Many of us don’t have time for that. I intend on dissecting political stories in a manner that will be concise and entertaining in order to capture the attention of non-political people too. 

Host, The Humanist Report Podcast.