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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What company owns "The Humanist Report?"

A: We're not owned by any company. We're independently owned and operated by Mike Figueredo, the host.

​Q: Is THR like any other podcasts?
A: In terms of format and topics we discuss, The Humanist Report is very close to the likes of The Young Turks, The Kyle Kulinski Show (aka Secular Talk), and The David Pakman Show, and The Rational National.

Q: What is the THR video/episode schedule?
A: We record new videos almost every day and release them all in an entire segment. Members and patrons usually get access to several videos each week before they go live on YouTube.

Q: Is The Humanist Report on TV or Radio?
A: No. Our podcasts can be viewed on YouTube and, and listened to on iTunes and SoundCloud. We're currently looking to expand to more formats after receiving requests from viewers and listeners.

Q: Are you with any progressive networks?
A: As of March of 2017, we are part of TYT Network.

Q: When did "The Humanist Report" launch?
A: We filmed and uploaded our first video on June 18, 2015.

Q: Why are there advertisements for the NRA or Trump on your YouTube videos?
A: We can't control what types of advertisements play before our content (just like we're unable to control what types of ads Google displays on this website). Since we're listed in the "news and politics" category, Google/YouTube will automatically play anything they think is relevant.

Q: Do/did the companies that you are/were affiliated with/sponsor you (Amazon, Audible, Lootcrate, Gamefly, etc.) try to influence your views on political issues, and/or pressure you to not focus on certain issues?

A: Those companies don't monitor our content. We're enrolled in the same generic "sponsorship" programs as many other YouTubers. In fact, anyone with a podcast or a website can join here. Amazon's affiliate program is akin to Google's Adsense program, where anyone can join and promote their products for commission. When it comes to other companies such as Audible, Lootcrate, Gamefly, etc.—again—we're enrolled in the same program as other YouTubers with companies such as Impact Radius, where you can sign your website or podcast up, and then they provide you with different companies you're able to use ads for, hence why you see many YouTubers promoting the same companies (typically Amazon and Audible), because we're all enrolled in the same affiliate programs, and none of us are in direct contact with these companies. If a company did try to influence our views, we would not be associated with them. Thankfully, with these affiliate programs, YouTubers can earn commission for referring their viewers and/or visitors to these affiliates without ever having to talk to the companies in question.

​Q: Can I support the show by using an Amazon link?

A: As of 2019, Amazon has terminated in our participation in their Amazon affiliate program. They claimed our podcast was in violation of the program's ToS because we encouraged users to bookmark the Amazon link, however, the example they pointed us towards of said violation was a video of Mike critiquing Amazon's greed and exploitative labor practices. That probably also has something to do with it. :)

Q: Do you currently have any corporate affiliates like GameFly or Lootcrate?

A: No. Our participation in previous sponsorship programs with Impact Radius and Influencer Brigade has ended. As the show has shifted towards member support/grassroots funding, we've tried to rely less on revenue from any corporation that we have not thoroughly vetted.

Q: Can I advertise on The Humanist Report?

A: While we've previously been open to advertising small businesses, we've stopped offering to sell ad space on the website and YouTube channel, but may offer it again in the future. We will permanently prohibit the sale of ads for anything political unless we're able to properly vet the views of said company/organization.

Q: Who manages The Humanist Report website and edits videos?

A: Mike, our host, does everything; 100% of production and editing. We've never had an editor, or employee, though we've had help with volunteers from time to time managing our Facebook page. 

Q: Can I potentially work for The Humanist Report or volunteer?

We don't have any opportunities available at this time, nor do we have the necessary resources to hire someone. While it'd be nice to hire an editor, we will not do so until we're able to pay them a living wage and provide them with healthcare benefits. We firmly believe no substantial amount of work should go unpaid, thus we are not accepting volunteers or seeking to fill any unpaid positions.