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Ten Years After HBO's Hacking Democracy: Electoral Vulnerabilities Still Exist, But Americans Can Change That

The Huffington Post, December 13, 2016

Ten years have passed since HBO aired its Emmy-nominated documentary, Hacking Democracy. Though it was well-received by American audiences, electoral vulnerabilities, by and large, are still being shrugged off by public officials. The message of Hacking Democracy, however, wasn’t necessarily an outcry to Congress, nor did it overtly suggest a legislative solution was needed to ensure the integrity of the vote. Conversely, it conveyed an empowering message to citizens that they, alone, have the power... More

If Trump Wins, Blame Clinton

The Huffington Post, September 21, 2016

Now that Hillary Clinton is statistically tied with Donald Trump in the polls according to Real Clear Politics, Democratic Party loyalists are looking for a new scapegoat. Some individuals have decided to attribute blame to millennials. Mother Jones’ Editor-in-Chief, Clara Jeffery, took to Twitter to declare her hatred for millennials after learning that Hillary Clinton loses a substantial amount of millennial voters to third-party candidates. Echoing this frustration with millennials, James Kirchick of The Daily Beast—an outlet that does not disclose to readers the fact that Chelsea Clinton sits on the board of their parent company, IAC—smugly purports that these pesky millennials would probably be more inclined to support Hillary Clinton if it weren’t for their “moral relativism, historical ignorance, and narcissism.” Some want... More

Are Progressives Turning on Bernie Sanders?

The Huffington Post, September 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders is more than just a former presidential candidate. He is—and will likely always be—a beloved progressive icon that not only transformed the U.S. political landscape, but galvanized millions of Americans. After witnessing his remarkable performance in Univision’s Democratic debate in Miami, Florida, my mother enthusiastically asked me to help her register to vote for the first time in her life at 65 years-old. She wasn’t alone, as notable surges in voter registration among Sanders’ core demographics occurred in states such as California. Additionally, Bernie Sanders managed to break fundraising records—even surpassing President Obama—in spite of the fact that he rejected large contributions from billionaire and corporate donors. The passion among Sanders’ supporters was palpable. However, that may... More

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